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The Unico System

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Let Better Comfort Fit In With The High Performance
Small-Duct Heating And Air Conditioning System

Perfect For Custom Home Applications

Luce, Schwab & Kase is a proud Unico System distributor! Enjoy The Freedom of Design And Superior Comfort! If you can design it, the Unico System can heat and cool it! The Unico System, with its flexible mini-ducts crafted to weave around and through construction, fits in anywhere. In fact, the Unico System offers homeowners many advantages over conventional systems.

(The Unico System is the cooling system of choice for "This Old House")

Little or No Remodeling Needed

The Unico System fits where other conventional cooling and heating systems can't – with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be installed easily into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and closets. The flexible mini-ducts can be routed through existing ceiling, floor and wall cavities, eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork.

Draft-Free Even Temperatures Throughout Any Room

The Unico System works on the principle of aspiration. Unlike conventional systems which often leave hot and cold spots as well as drafts throughout the home or building, Unico's streams of air enter a room and gently mix with the room's existing air currents. From floor to ceiling, air temperatures are even and drafts are eliminated.

Quiet Performance

The Unico System outperforms conventional heating and cooling systems by utilizing a patented high velocity system of air. Instead of typical units which operate at 500-600 feet per minute at the outlet, the Unico System operates at 2,000 draft-free feet per minute. But while you'll feel the comfort in our system, you won't hear it. The air handler is designed to isolate noise and vibration. In addition, our uniquely designed supply tubes are lined with sound-dampening, spun-bond nylon, providing you with high performance – yet quiet comfort.

Unico System Literature

Unico System Training

Unico System training is available online. For more information, please visit: Unico System Training.

Unico System Instructional Videos

Unico System instructional videos are available on Unico's YouTube channel.


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