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What is Spot Cooling?

Q: What is MovinCool?
A: MovinCool is a self-contained, "air cooled" air conditioner on wheels.

Q: What is an "air cooled" air conditioner?
A: Air cooled refers to a compressor-based refrigerant system that uses air to exchange heat, similar to a car or typical household air conditioner. With this type of system the air is dehumidified as it is cooled.

Q: How does it work?
A: Roll it into position, plug it in, and turn it on. NOTE: If you are in an enclosed room, you will need to exhaust the warm air from the top of the unit out of the room. The drop ceiling space in a typical office will usually satisfy this requirement.

Q: Can you always duct the exhaust air into the drop ceiling?
A: No. You may need to remove MovinCool's exhaust air in some other manner. Contact us or your local dealer for more information.

Q: How many square feet does it cool?
A: As a rule of thumb, 400 square feet per 12,000 BTUs (12,000 BTUs equals one ton of air conditioning). However, you must account for other factors which will affect the total heat load. Contact us or your local dealer for more information.

Q: How much temperature drop do you get?
A: An average of 15° to 25° F, from ambient temperature, depending on model and level of humidity, e.g. low humidity = high temperature drop, high humidity = low temperature drop.

Q: What size do they come in?
A: We have seven sizes available:

  • 6,800 BTUs (MovinCool PC 7)
  • 9,600 BTUs (MovinCool Office Pro 10)
  • 10,000 BTUs (MovinCool Classic 10)
  • 11,800 BTUs (MovinCool Office Pro 12)
  • 13,200 BTUs (MovinCool Classic Plus 14)
  • 16,800 BTUs (MovinCool Office Pro 18)
  • 18,000 BTUs (MovinCool Classic 18)
  • 23,300 BTUs (MovinCool Office Pro 24)
  • 24,000 BTUs (MovinCool Classic Plus 26)
  • 39,000 BTUs (MovinCool Classic 40)
  • 60,000 BTUs (MovinCool Classic 60, Office Pro 60)

Q: What type of power do I need?
A: It varies depending on the model:

  • Movincool Office Pro 10, Classic 10, Office Pro 12 & Classic Plus 14, Office Pro 18 (115 volt-standard household current)
  • Office Pro 24, Office Pro 60, Classic 18 & Classic Plus 26 (208/230 volt single phase)
  • Classic 40 (220 volt three phase)
  • Classic 60 (460 volt three phase)

Q: What is the water tank for?
A: Condensation removal. MovinCool collects condensation in the 5 gallon tank at the base of each unit (not applicable to Classic 40, Classic 60 and Office Pro 60). You can eliminate the need to empty the tank by installing our condensation pump.

Q: Do they come with a condensation pump?
A: Yes, condensate pump is included with the Office Pro 60. For all other units, they are sold separately.

Q: Do they come with a thermostat?
A: All models are available with a thermostat with the exception of the Classic 40 and the Classic 60.

Q: What type of compressor do they use?
A: With MovinCool compressors, three design types are utilized: scroll, rotary and reciprocal. (See Specifications)

Q: Is there a warranty on MovinCool units?
A: When you purchase a new MovinCool unit, there is a one year warranty on the entire unit, and three years on the compressor (parts and labor). An additional one year warranty is available at no extra charge. See the warranty page for details.

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