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Luce, Schwab & Kase is a proud Luxaire commercial products distributor! Quality products are the foundation for a quality business. That's why Luxaire is committed to state-of-the-art design and manufacturing to make sure you get a full spectrum of reliable residential and light commercial products that are easy to install and simple to service.

Luxaire gives you multi-tier product offering – including Luxaire Acclimate™, Luxaire Optimum™, and Luxaire Ovation™ Series models.

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Packaged Cooling/Heating Units and Rooftops:

  • Luxaire Acclimate™-Series (DPZ):
       Electric/Electric Standard Efficency Package Unit (2-5 tons)
  • Luxaire Acclimate™-Series (DYZ):
       Gas/Electric Standard Efficency Package Unit (2-5 tons)
  • Luxaire Optimum™-Series (ZS):
       Electric/Electric Packaged Rooftop (3-5 tons)
  • Luxaire Ovation™-Series (ZW):
       Gas/Electric Packaged Rooftop (6.5-12.5 tons)
  • Luxaire Ovation™-Series (ZU, ZW):
       Electric/Electric Packaged Rooftop (3-12.5 tons)
  • Luxaire Optimum™-Series (ZW, ZS):
       Gas/Electric Packaged Rooftop (15-25 tons)
  • Luxaire Ovation™-Series (YH):
       Split-System Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps (7.7-20 tons)

Split-System Evaporator Blowers:

  • Luxaire Ovation™-Series (NH, NJ):
       Split-System Evaporator Blowers (7.5-20 tons)


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